Sales Tools

Please let us know how many brochures/sales forms you need. Expect 1-2 forms per person selling. We supply the first 125 brochures free of charge when you sign up. For wreaths you should order brochures in August/September, For Spring Plants please order brochures in January/February. If you need more let us know.
We can create a custom group website using Eventbrite software. This site will have your group name/logo, the cause you are raising funds for, and the date, time and location of your distribution. We will list 6 items for your group to sell which are our top 6 products. Customers can order the products, pay via credit card, and check out. We will provide you sales reports so you can add these sales to your total group order placed on this website. Northwoods will collect the online sales money and true up these sales with what you owe on your total order.
Dear _______,

This year I am selling beautiful Christmas evergreens for ____________ (group name), to help us raise money for __________ (group's cause).

Please look at the attached brochure and email me what you would like to order. I can also call or email you later this week to provide more information and take your order then.

Thanks you for supporting my efforts.


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