Northwoods Wreaths

This year marks our 38th season of providing quality seasonal products to help your group meet its financial goals. In 2019, Northwoods provided its services to over 240 groups helping them to earn an estimated $600,000 in net profits. While this averages over $2500 per group, we have several organizations that net over $10,000 from their sales. We currently offer five fundraising programs-Christmas Evergreens, Fallen Hero Wreaths and Planters, Spring Bedding Plants, Fall Mums, and Coffee/Hot Cocoa. A secret to our customers’ success is leveraging the annual annuity of these seasonal events. There will always be Christmas, Spring, and Fall, and people enjoy coffee every day.

Northwoods’ identity has been formed in its unique history. Its founder and current owner, Andy Barrie, grew up selling wreaths to friends, family, and neighbors as a Cub and Boy Scout in Milwaukee. In high school and college, Andy earned extra money unloading trucks of wreaths and later managing the wreath distribution center for another wreath company. Upon graduating from college, Andy opened Northwoods Wreaths in 1982 selling to Chicago area youth groups.

In 1993 Northwoods made two strategic decisions. First, we decided to incorporate indoor/outdoor evergreen products made of premium quality Noble Fir into our fundraising product mix. Our groups quickly found out that offering a choice of both indoor and outdoor products increased their gross sale per customer and overall net profit.

Northwoods created a new company in Washington State to manufacture the Noble fir products.
Second, Northwoods began to offer a Spring plant fundraiser. This sale leverages the same customer base that groups sell to for Christmas by offering quality annual and perennial bedding plants.
In working with us you will constantly notice our commitment to quality. We realize that the products you choose to sell support the identity and reputation of your group. For us, quality goes beyond state of the art refrigeration and product inspection. We include accuracy of what was ordered, timely fulfillment of additional orders, and prompt customer support.

Fundraising with Northwoods is easy to start and manage.

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