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At Northwoods Wreaths, we offer quality, seasonal selections to help your group raise money all year long.

Looking for fundraising ideas? We offer four fresh fundraising programs: Christmas Evergreens, Spring Bedding Plants, Fall Mums and Year-Round Coffee and Hot Cocoa. Group fundraising with Northwoods Wreaths is easy to start and manage. Just follow these simple steps:



1) Read up on our different fundraising programs to figure out which one is right for your group. When you’re ready to sign up, we’ll need your name, group name, address, email address, and phone number.


2) Let us know how many people will be participating in your fundraising program. We supply 125 brochures free of charge, delivered three months in advance of your sale. Additional brochures can be ordered on our site as necessary.


3) Visit our Sales Tools page, where you can access Excel programs and other tools to manage your group’s sales and submit orders.


4) Place your orders online two weeks in advance for Christmas fundraising sales and one month in advance for Spring fundraising sales.

A Letter to Our Customers, Old and New


Dear Group Leader,


If your group is searching for fundraising ideas to generate revenue, you’re in the right place. With over 30 years of experience in the seasonal fundraising sale industry, Northwoods Wreaths provides the highest quality products and the best customer service to help your group meet its financial goals.



Northwoods Wreaths is committed to conservation. No trees are harmed or killed in our manufacturing process - we simply re-harvest the same trees every two years, and our tree farms are constantly growing!  


In 2013, 240 groups participating in Northwoods fundraising programs earned approximately $600,000 in net profits - an average of $2400 per group. Several of our organizations net over $10,000 each from their annual sales.


The secret to our customers’ success? Leveraging the annuity of annual traditions. Each year businesses and homeowners demand fresh, quality products for seasonal display and decoration. When customers buy their Christmas evergreens, Spring bedding plants and Fall mums from your organization, everyone wins! Need to raise money over the Summer or off-season? No problem. In partnership with Intelligentsia Coffee and Omar Coffee, our new year-round Coffee and Hot Cocoa program is your failsafe fundraising opportunity no matter the weather.


At Northwoods Wreaths we realize that the products you choose to sell support your group’s reputation and identity. We take pride in our commitment to quality, from state of the art refrigeration and product inspection to prompt fulfillment of additional orders and dedicated customer support. We will always get your order right the first time, and get it delivered on time. Northwoods Wreaths is a family business, and our customers can attest that we treat our groups like part of our family.


I hope you enjoy our site, and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or comments at (800) 933-2125.


Best regards,



Andy Barrie, Owner  
We are currently taking orders for the following fundraising programs:

Coffee and Hot Cocoa

We have some exciting changes to our products and program for 2014:


 -We now have the ability to create custom websites, personalized for your group’s sale. Click here to find out how a website can make your fundraiser simpler and more profitable.


-We now offer a 26” Fallen Hero wreath with a red and gold outdoor velvet ribbon. These wreaths will be delivered by Northwoods to the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery and placed at the gravesite of American veterans who gave their lives for their country.



-This season all of our 26” balsam wreaths and door swags will come with a beautiful outdoor velvet ribbon.  

The ribbon comes detached from the wreath so it maintains its shape and beauty.


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